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Festive Finds # 1: Gifts for her

The sea is an azure blue, the soft golden sand beckoning. And Hout Bay is just abuzz with the anticipation of the long summer holiday ahead in our corner of paradise. But when one thinks of all the errands to run, gifts to buy and food to prep, the anticipation fades quick. Not this year.

The festive season offerings at Mainstream Mall ensure you get the full spectrum of festive goodies from gifts to décor to food, right on your doorstep and we give you the low-down of just what to expect. Our marketing Manager Tricia has scoured the shelves, walked the pavements and browsed the aisles for the best of the best, from gorgeous gifts to fun festive finds.

As we count down the days to Christmas we reveal Tricia’s Festive Finds every couple of days and today we reveal The Best Gifts for Her:

There is no shortage of gifts for the lady in your life and Mainstream Mall certainly has you covered in this department. From gorgeous jewellery to decor, beauty products and books we make sure the women in your life will look, smell and feel amazing!

With no further adieu, here are the best gifts for her.

  1. White and gold ceramic candles (and the one with a lid turns into a sugar bowl after the candle has burnt down!) – Minki & Co
  2. Fabric pot plant holders – Minki & Co
  3. Oolong Tea & Neroli Diffuser – Minki & Co
  4. Fabric cushion covers and napkins – NAP Living
  5. Madame Luna Candles – NAP Living
  6. Candle holders – NAP Living
  7. Selection of earrings – NAP Living
  8. Faux fur throw and scatter cushion – NAP Living

  1. Stacking Rings – Ice Jewellers
  2. Selection of rings, earrings and necklaces – Ice Jewellers
  3. Black and gold stationery and notebooks – CNA
  4. The Sun Sister – The Bay Bookshop
  5. Selection of scarves – Colours Gifts & Curios
  6. Sorbet Gift Sets – Clicks
  7. Nail polish gift set – Sorbet
  8. Pendant Necklaces – Rock Chic

  1. Handmade Green Onyx Earrings by Erika Wessels – Hout Bay Contemporary
  2.  Handmade Astronomy Earring Collection – Nomad Contemporary Jewellers
  3. Peach scarf – Big Blue
  4. Selection of handmade rings – Nomad Contemporary Jewellers
  5. Massage Soy candle – Wheelers Health Shop
  6. Lyno artwork – Hout Bay Contemporary
  7. Gel Hydro masks – Big Blue

Keep an eye on our website as we unveil the best gift gifts for him and the kids, as well as the best decor and food, outfits and stocking fillers.

Happy Shopping!