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Rockchic Crystals and Beads is a partnership started in September 2005 between Michele and Kathleen, specializing in gemstone jewellery and gemstone beads. Sourcing interesting beads from all over the world including India, Arizona, Mexico, South Africa, Madagascar and Afghanistan, Rockchic creates and sells finished jewellery as well as unstrung beads, findings, threads, charms and all the accessories used in making up jewellery. They also have a fun range of beads and findings for children and teenages and a table at the back of the beadshop if you want to make your own jewellery or have a bead party.

They sell high quality, individually designed hand-made gemstone jewellery in their Rockchic crystal shop, adjacent to the Rockchic beadshop. Their jewellery and beads are unique and incorporate the chakras and esoteric symbols like sterling silver buddha, hill tribe silver, the tree of life, ohm signs, flowers, angel wings, rudraksha and sandalwood beads, mala tassels – to name a few…

Find Rock Chic on the Main Road next door to the Old Post Office Building.

Rock Chic
Rock Chic
Rock Chic