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Lockdown entertainment options available at Mainstream mall

South Africa will soon be in lockdown for 21 days. Whilst this is a blessing for some, for others it’s a nightmare as they think of the endless days stretching ahead, trying to maintain a clean house, well-fed and educated kids, not to mention a well-stocked fridge and grocery cupboard.

The good news is that for the next two days you can get a host of various games, puzzles, board games, books, arts and craft activities and more, from Mainstream Mall, specifically Star Dot Toys, CNA and The Bay Bookshop.

All we ask is that when shopping, please consider your fellow shopper, keep your distance, sanitise your hands and don’t shop with your kids if at all possible.   


Puzzles are a great family activity that can stretch out for days or weeks at a time, depending on the number of pieces. Star Dot Toys have a variety of puzzles, from pre-schooler 16 piece puzzles to more complex 1000 piece puzzles.

Board games & card games:

Take advantage of this down time with your family to indulge in board games you would otherwise not have the time for. Star Dot Toys is your go-to shop for board games including Ticket to Ride, a cross-country train adventure in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. Another fabulous family game is Exploding Kittens, the perfect card game for adults, teens and kids who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats. Their words, not ours! Or why not try Cranium. Perfect for the older kids, it’s known as the “whole-brain” game. It’s a party game that borrows from a host of other popular party games of recent times. Players have to successfully complete activities in each of four sections to win, testing creativity, trivia, word and performance skills. For the younger kids, why not try Junior Scrabble perfect for those home schooling English lesson, available at CNA.

Or why not try a new version of Monopoly? Star Dot Toys now stock Football and Startrek Monopoly for die-hard fans!

Science Games:

Got a science whizz on your hands? Star Dot Toys stock a host of science and tech games including Science Lab with basic experiments for younger kids and Academy of Steam where older kids explore concepts such as buoyancy, weight and density.

Art & Technology:

This is a fantastic game that incorporates art and technology. The Factory Range of games come in box sets combining DIY and experimentation for children from 8 years old. The child applies a conductive adhesive to the illustrated bases to draw electrical circuits and the boards become interactive thanks to ingenious switch systems, available from Star Dot Toys.

Crystal jewellery creations:

Any tween girl would love this range of Nebulous Stars activities. Create bejewelled artwork, figurines and accessories using high quality glittery components, available from Star Dot Toys.

Scrapbook kit:

Scrapbook Kits, available at CNA are the perfect indoor project for kids. Using various ribbons, stickers and labels, get them to choose the theme, cut pictures out of magazines or print some photos of your kids and let them create a book of memories or ideas.

Read, read, read!

This is the perfect time to get the family reading. The Bay Bookshop stock a comprehensive range of adult and kids bestseller books so there’s no excuse to stop reading.

Word puzzles:

Keep your brain active with Crossword puzzles from The Bay Bookshop and don’t forget your dictionary purchase whilst you’re at it! Or if Bingo and birdwatching is your thing, then Bird Bingo was made for you!

We wish you a lockdown full of entertainment, happy days and quality family time.