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 Shop 1 Midpoint Mall

Levingers Dry Cleaning

Levingers specialises in dry cleaning and laundering, shoe repair, bag repair, garment dying and expert tailoring and mending, 21st keys, trophies and engraving.

Dry Cleaning & Laundering: They specialize in stain removal, attention to detail and take care to ensure all garments are quality checked before reaching you. With their deluxe service each garment is individually cared for and is returned in a suit cover for your convenience.

Tailoring Service: Their expert and dedicated tailors will mend, alter and tailor your garments to suit your needs and ensure the finished garment reaches your highest standards.

Shoe repair: The Levingers cobblers are trained and skilled to replace heels, soles, rebuild soles, stitch, polish and clean your shoes, repair bags, luggage, leathers and sports equipment.

Find Levingers at Shop 1 Midpoint Mall.