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Fun and Games at the Kids Holiday Activities

Mainstream Mall Holiday Activities

School holidays at Mainstream Mall are always loads of fun for our local kids and a welcome break for parents and child minders. Every holiday we host a week long series of activities for kids aged between 3-12 at the Amphitheatre. These holidays were no exception with a record number kids swarming the mall to partake in the fun-filled lineup.

Monday saw the kids tackle a beaded bonsai tree which saw those little fingers stringing beads onto pieces of wire and creating the cutest little trees attached to river stones.

Mainstream Mall Beaded Bonsai trees Mainstream Mall Beaded Bonsai trees Mainstream Mall Beaded Bonsai trees

Tuesday was a fun filled day of cupcake topper-making. This one’s always a winner with the kids as they get to take something home to eat! Or they can gobble it up as soon as they’re done. It was wonderful to see the host of creatively designed dalmatian dog toppers, some looking rather lazy atop the cupcakes.

Mainstream Mall cupcake toppers Mainstream Mall Cupcake toppers Mainstream Mall Cupcake toppers

Wednesday was a fun day of boat making where the kids had to create little sail boats with creatively decorated sails. I wonder how many ended up floating down the Baviaanskloof river?

Boat-making Mainstream Mall

Thursday saw the kids create cute lollypop stick monsters with googly eyes and boy were they scary…

Friday was the last day of activities and saw the kids creating pretty clay swans atop of a sparkling pond of tinfoil water.

Mainstream Mall Clay swan activity Mainstream Mall Clay swan activity Mainstream Mall Clay swan activity

We went one step further with the holiday program these holidays – Caffeine and Culture Cafe offered parents a special voucher if they leave their kids at the activity so they could catch their breathe and enjoy a delicious cuppa.

Join us in the December holidays as we host another fun-filled line up of arts and crafts for the kids from 17 December 2019.