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DARG Day at Mainstream Mall

DARG Day at Mainstream Mall

On Saturday 29 May we hosted our very first DARG Day at Mainstream Mall, which will hopefully become a regular event at the mall. Despite a chilly morning and a short downpour, we had a fabulous day with the gorgeous and lovable dogs from DARG, and their attentive volunteers.

We decided to host this event to  provide a space where the dogs felt comfortable and  to serve as a better environment for people to view DARG’s dogs for potential adoption. But first and foremost to raise awareness for DARG’s gorgeous pups and to find them forever homes.

We thanks those that came out to support us and we hope that these dogs are rehomed as soon as possible.

Joining us on the day were cute puppies Cody and Lucy.

DARG Day at Mainstream Mall

Whilst they were very cute and put on a real show for us, gorgeous Honey and Banjo were such good pups and behaved impeccably.

DARG Day at Mainstream Mall

Mr Ray, named after his rescuer was right at home and loved all the attention

DARG Day at Mainstream Mall

DARG Day at Mainstream Mall

Midnight  and little Missy, who have both had a rough start to their lives were so well behaved and loved the pampering they received.

DARG Day at Mainstream Mall

Whilst Bolt loves running on the beach and up the mountain, playing with his special person is just as fun!

Thanks Hout Bay for attending the day and to the fabulous folk at DARG for their tireless work.

DARG Day at Mainstream Mall

A big thank you to Bay Pet Shop for offering a 10% discount on the day for their Montego dog food.

DARG Day at Mainstream Mall

DARG relies on the public’s generosity and donations to keep afloat. They are a registered non-profit organisation.  NPO number: 026-141-NPO.

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