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Draw 4 Darg by Hout Bay Contemporary

Mainstream Mall Draw 4 Darg

If you’ve missed the yellow building housing Hout Bay Contemporary on the main road, which is part of Mainstream Mall’s Fisherman’s World, then take a closer look. It’s home to three inspiring artists and designers who are taking Hout Bay by storm. And when they’re not designing, they’re doing good for the community, all with a creative flair.

We’re proud to back them on one of their latest initiatives, Draw 4 DARG taking place on Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10 AM – 5 PM . Join them for a full day of family fun as they combine two of their favourite things – drawing & dogs. They are raising funds to assist DARG, our local animal rescue group which everyone in Hout Bay knows, loves and supports. 

What’s the day all about?

Simply create and and donate your own A4 artwork on the day or purchase an artwork for R100 from the donated selection. All ages and levels of experience are welcome, and there will be tables and chairs set up with all the drawing materials required to create your doodle, stick figure, or Mona Lisa replica. Some cute dogs will also be available for drawing inspiration!

You will also be able to meet a few of the DARG doggo’s who are on the hunt for their forever homes and possibly make one of them part of your family.

They will also be accepting donations on the day to help meet the more direct needs of the animals at DARG. Please see the DARG wishlist below:

Wet and Dry food for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens
Beeno biscuits
Dog treats, smoked ostrich bones (no rawhide chews please)
Peanut butter (salt and sugar free, no xylitol)
Cow hooves
Dog and Cat Tick & Flea Control (Bravecto / Frontline)
Verimark type sponge mops
Soft and hard brooms
Plastic spray bottles
Dog and cat brushes
Muzzles for on-site vet visits (small and medium)
Rubber KONG toys
Puzzles for dogs and cats
Tennis and soccer balls
Cat toys
Plastic “half-shell”sandpits (Mambos, Plastics For Africa)
Agility equipment, tunnels, hula hoops, plastic cones
Medium and large-sized harnesses
JOJO kennels: R1500 each
Fleece blankets
Puppy and dog jerseys
Large plastic dog beds (Mambos, Plastics For Africa)
Hot water bottles
Panel heaters x 10

Be a sport, get doodling and support a worthwhile cause. See you on 26 October at Hout Bay Contemporary, 35 Main Rd, Hout Bay.