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    During 1896 the original Dorman & Son, a General Dealers store, was established here and, as with the historic cottage in which it is housed, the items on sale at the Hout Bay Trading Store showcase artifacts from its proud past, plus more recent memorabilia and collectables.

    Items on sale range from the unique, such as crafts and carvings; to the
    beautiful, such as porcelain figurines and Victoriana; to the bizarre, such as fossils and horns.

    For hobbyists, collections of stamps, first-day covers, postcards, labels, matchboxes, marbles, Chinese locks, maps, menus, charms, cigarette cards, sport itineraries, Churchill memorabilia, scripophily, scrimshaw, posters, nautical and railroad items, sewing kits, tins, bottles, photographs and kitchenalia abound – to mention just some of what is available.

    All are welcome to browse this olden-days concept, whether seeking an unusual gift or searching for an item to complete a collection.

    The Hout Bay Trading Store is situated at the Main Road entrance to Mainstream Mall, and offers much more than a stroll down memory lane.