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Started out of a search for good honest food. Vegetables that are free of pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals. Meat that is reared in an ethical, humane fashion, allowed to graze naturally and not treated unnecessarily with hormones or antibiotics.

This search has gone so much deeper, the quest for fair treatment of farmers, their staff, their livestock, produce and the land that they reap from right up until the consumer and our right to know where our produce comes from and the transparency of the supply chain.

Organic Route is at heart, a health food store. Our belief is in bringing back the balance to modern day life with the correct diet, integrity and the power of positive intention. We are very focused on fermentation and the health benefits of naturally fermented vegetables, drinks and dairy products.

Our passion is to bring health, balance and happiness to those people that we service through good old fashioned honest food. Currently one of the few suppliers of consistent organic fruit and vegetables, pasture reared, grass fed meat and an array of whole foods with no preservatives, colourants and flavourants in Hout Bay and ONLINE.

TEL: 021 791 0403
AFTER HOURS: 084 400 3136