Fisherman's World - A Brief History

Adding a historical dimension to the Hout Bay canvas Fisherman’s World features quaint Victorian cottages, surrounded by cobbled pathways, babbling brooks and countryside vistas which hobnob with Hout Bay’s original post office, fishermen’s cottages, a fishing shed and the old gaol - embracing much of the village’s history. Preserved as if in a time capsule they function as unique retail spaces for one-of-a-kind art, craft and curios.

Situated along the half-kilometre Main Road stretch from Princess Street to Pam Arlene Place, Fisherman’s World exudes a unique olde worlde ambience, as is nowhere else to be found.

To achieve this buildings have been meticulously renovated, with some wall sections purposely left unplastered to expose their ancient mud-brick construction. Add to this interesting artifacts such as wrecks of once-famous boats, huge propellers, workhorse wagon wheels and clusters of ancient Milkwood trees, complementing the impressive landscaping alongside its two rivers - and you have the recipe for a memorable visit.

Not to forget about a photo opportunity at the Wishing Well Tree growing behind the Hout Bay Trading Store.

For more information about this fascinating area and its history, the book Embracing Hout Bay is on sale at several local outlets including the Hout Bay Trading Store, Bay Books, Tobi and Mariner’s Wharf at the harbour.

embracing hout bay